Basic Shapes Wants You To Dance & Remix Their New Track, Stand Still


Our very own front-end developer extraordinaire, Patrick Estabrook, is also the talented musician & synth enthusiast behind Basic Shapes, your new favorite 3-piece band from Brooklyn. They just premiered their debut music video for “Stand Still” over at Noisey, and one listen will have you agreeing: this song is definitely not about standing still. 

"Brooklyn trio Basic Shapes understand the power of dancing like an idiot with your friends (hey, by yourself is OK too). Additionally this song manages to sound both minimal and lush, downtempo and uptempo.” - Kim Taylor Bennett, Noisey

Check out the video below (warning: slightly NSFW):

Basic Shapes is Patrick Estabrook, Brooke Morrison and Myles Hefferman. After years of putting bedroom-studio tracks and sketches on SoundCloud, Patrick recruited Brooke and Myles to help finish four new songs and assemble a live show.  Engineered at Dr Wu’s Studio (Parquet Courts, Le1f), the resulting songs have the playful synth work of the bedroom tracks with the addition of Brooke’s airy, alluring vocals. The instrumentation for “Stand Still” features the sounds of the Moog Sub Phatty & Slim Phatty, the Prophet 08, a classic MPC1000 through a Moogerfooger MF-101, and for guitar, a Fender Strat through a Moog Minifooger MF Boost. 

Pull more songs by Basic Shapes. 

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Create A New Track In 30 Minutes Or Less With D16’s LuSH-101 & You Could Win It!


D16 Audio Software invites producers and DJs to create an original track using LuSH-101’s 30 minute demo. LuSH-101 is a multitimbral polyphonic synthesizer created from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synthesizers, all combined into a single compact and logically intuitive design. This basic simplicity combined with its multilayer architecture turns it into an easy-to-use but extremely powerful instrument that can be programmed and tweaked quickly and almost effortlessly, leveraging its maximum potential. Do you think you have what it takes to make the LuSH-101 sing?

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Download and install the trial of LuSH-101 - It’s fully functional for 30 minutes
  2. Create an original track using LuSH-101 & freeze the tracks using LuSH-101 before saving it
  3. Publish it on Blend with the tag “LUSH101” no later than midnight on Monday, September 8th

You can use any DAW you like, just make sure to put all the files and a full preview.wav in the project folder. D16 & Blend will review the submissions and select 2 winners to receive a full version of LuSH-101

What are you waiting for? Download the LuSH-101 demo and get started! 

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Our Favorite Wu Tang Remixes, So Far…

Wu Tang Clan has always pushed the envelope when it came to creativity. From open-sourcing the creative process to sampling and re-imaging breakbeats and classic funk they’ve done it all. Now, they are building up the next generation of Wu MCs with the Wu Tang Parental Advisory, featuring rappers Turnpike Ike, Kash and Chunky. Last month they gave the world access to one of the tracks from Wu Tang Parental Advisory’s debut album titled “So Many Detailz” as well as a track from Capadonna titled “Vegan” which features a section from Turnpike Ike.

With so many great remixes of both tracks we wanted to showcase five of our favorite remixes so far. Check out each one and if you feel inspired to re-work it, click the “pull” button and get to work!

Pull the original Wu Tang Parental Advisory projects here

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X-Vertigo “Bombs” Remix Contest Winner Announced


Last month, the Blend community had an opportunity to remix the chart-topping track “Bombs” by X-Vertigo feat. Billboard Top 100 artist Gia. With remixes from heavy-weight guys like Sandro Silva, D.O.D. & Andy Callister, X-Vertigo wanted to find one more person to join the ranks. Once again, the Blend community came through with flying colors showing off the true talent of many of the artists who entered the contest.

After listening to each and every submission, X-Vertigo selected the winning project by Pasadena native, Mark Chang who goes by the stage name Korovva. His remix has been professionally mastered and is being given out as a free download through X-Vertigo’s social channels. You can explore Korovva’s Blend project and listen to the final version on Soundcloud.

Listen to the final mastered version on SoundCloud

Special thanks to X-Vertigo for putting on the contest! Be sure to check out more of X-Vertigo music on his social profiles.


Instagram: @djxvertigo


Instagram: @giaofficial



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Drums On Acid Interview: Workflow With Ableton, Live Drumming, And Industry Outlook


Last week in Hollywood, CA we had an opportunity to catch up with the former drummer of Infected Mushroom, Cary White, at his first headlining show under his new solo project alias Drums On Acid. Coming up in the EDM scene is no easy feat, but White has already begun to make a name for himself garnering support from many big-hitters in the scene including Krewella, Emma Hewitt, Feenixpawl, Clinton VanSciver, Swedish Egil, Pyramyth, and Infected Mushroom, among others. His unique blend of live drumming and high-voltage electro-house is a crowd-pleasing combination that is only just getting started.

What software do you use to produce music?

Ableton Live, exclusively – and I’m just really getting started. I’ve been producing for about 3 years now, but only started DJing 9 days before finding out I won the EDC discovery project.

Where do you see the music industry going? Any thoughts in particular?

I really see the live element taking over. That’s what got me going in this direction in the first place. I’m not saying that people are getting bored, but I just think its way cooler and you can vibe out way more when you see somebody rocking out and giving it that human feel.

How was your experience collaborating with Infected Mushroom?

I actually hadn’t collaborated with them as far as production goes. Those guys – you can ask anybody – their productions are outer-worldly. They create things that nobody has ever heard. I’m working up to the point where I would feel comfortable working with them, but I feel – to some degree – like I have a bit of an inferiority complex because they are just eons above not just me, but pretty much everyone with how much they know.

Being a drummer, do you think that limits the way / amount you can collaborate with other artists?

I don’t think so at all. A lot of people ask me for drum samples and little loops because with my productions a lot of times that’s what I start out with. Plus, I use a MIDI drum kit so that I can switch up the kits I’m using on stage on the fly.

What would be the #1 tip you could give to aspiring artists?

Two things. First, have a vision. Have a target that you’re aiming for. See your path a little bit and envision it, and then manifest it. Second, hard work. You have to work hard. Take every free second you have you have – which may not be that much time at all – but every free second you have you have to just bust a move and do what you can.

Who are some up and coming acts you would like to watch out for?

I really like The Maniac Agenda. They have a huge online presence and they make really good music. I think they are going to have their break here pretty soon. Another one I’d say would probably be this band called Gunslinger – a band I used to play with – they’ve been at it a long time and used to have a cool live show similar to Infected with the full band and everything, but have since toned it down and are now focusing on more of a DJ set styled show.

Thanks Cary! Check out some of his solo work below: 

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Eclectic Method Premieres The Mark Ronson TED Talk Meta Remix


In March 2014, Grammy Award winning producer, musician and DJ Mark Ronson delivered a landmark TED Talk about the history and importance of sampling in music. With over 1.2 million views and counting, Ronson’s talk proves the world loves a good remix. 

Enter digital pop culture surgeon Eclectic Method. His latest work is a remix of the remix, in a video remix… of the video remix. Crazy enough for you? It gets better. The entire project file is available right now on Blend, for you to re-imagine (or re-re-re-imagine) the remix as you see fit… because the only thing better than a remix of a remix is a remix of a remix of a… well, you get the idea. 

Pull the project from Eclectic Method on Blend:

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"For quite some time I've been interested in the idea of allowing you the ability to tinker around with my tracks — to create remixes, experiment, embellish or destroy what's there.  After spending some quality time sitting in hotel rooms on a press tour, it dawned on me that the technology now exists and is already in the hands of some of you.”
- Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

In 2005, producer & creator The B.S. of D. and a group of volunteers built the largest collection of Nine Inch Nails remixes on the Internet. After the initial success of open-sourcing “The Hand That Feeds” and “Only,” NIN went on to open source a great deal more of their music. has since blossomed into a community of thousands of remixers. With the release of the 8th version of the site, has now teamed up with Blend to empower collaboration across both communities. 

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Announcing The Winners Of iZotope’s Breaktweaker Contest


Last month, iZotope invited the Blend community of producers to make original tracks with their award-winning BreakTweaker beat-making software. There were a lot of impressive entries in a wide variety of styles. It was hard to pick a winner, but the top entry chosen by the panel of judges is by none other than Jussi V: 

And the runner-up is this glitchy entry from Eden: 

Jussi V & Eden will be receiving premium plugins from iZotope including full versions of BreakTweaker. Congrats!

Still haven’t tried BreakTweaker? Download a free trial now. 

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Winners: Beatwalker “Cariad” EP Remix Competition


Over the past month, one of Blend’s many talented artists – Beatwalker – hosted a remix competition for his new Cariad EP exclusively on Blend. A big thanks to everyone for entering the competition. There were so many great submissions, which I am sure made the decision-making difficult. 

Below are the four winners selected by Beatwalker. You can pull their projects and explore the creative inner-workings of their winning remixes.



Special thanks to Beatwalker for putting on the contest and hooking up some great prizes for the contestants! Be sure to check out more of his music on his Blend profile.

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Plugin Boutique Invites Blend Artists To Collaborate With BigKick & Share Presets With The Blend Community


By now we hope you’ve tried PluginBoutique’s new kick drum generator, BigKick. This award-winning plugin already has major support from top producers, and we’re offering you a chance to give it a test run in a Blend project! Plus, you’ll receive a 20% discount code for the full version of BigKick just for participating. 

Here’s how it works: 

Pull the BigKick project here.

Use the version of BigKick in this project to play with the plugin and see how it works. There’s a nice overview video here.

The latest update of BigKick makes it easy for users to create and save their own kick presets as well as download presets other users have made. Made a great kick or a whole bunch of kicks? Put them all in their own .preset folder inside the project folder to share them with others on Blend. Watch the quick video below to see how easy it is to do this.

Once you are done creating and saving your kick preset, drag and drop the WAV file to your desktop and rename it preview.wav. You’ll then put it in the project folder inside your Dropbox and click to update the project as you would with any other Blend project. You can describe your kick when updating the Blend project so that users who are following you know what’s been added. For example – “Distorted 909, key of A”.

For pulling this project and publishing your own custom kick presets, you’ll get a 20% discount code on the full version of BigKick which you can apply to your purchase at PluginBoutique.


We encourage you to visit the project periodically to download presets and samples other Blend users have made. You can also test them out by downloading the FREE TRIAL VERSION of BigKick.


So what are you waiting for? Step up your sound with BigKick today!

Looking for more plugins to boost your arsenal? PluginBoutique has a wide selection of free plugins for you to download today.

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