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Danny J Lewis Publishes Remix Parts For New Song Exclusively On Blend

Music producer and educator, Danny J Lewis posted the remix parts for his latest song “Spend The Night” exclusively on Blend in Ableton Live format. 

He says “if there are any good remixes coming from this I might put them out on Ruff Trx Records.”

You can listen to the new remix in the preview file and buy the mixes here:

Note: These parts are paid for and are allowed to be used only for remixes of Spend The Night. 

Check out Danny’s music, tutorials, and other tips and tricks here:




iZotope Invites You To Create An Original Track Using The Innovative BreakTweaker Beat Making Software


Update: we’ve extended the deadline to July 28! Time is ticking, though, so submit your entry ASAP!

iZotope & BT invite producers and DJs to create an original track using the innovative BreakTweaker beat making software and an exclusive sample pack available now on Blend. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Download and install the Trial version of BreakTweaker, fully functional for 10 days
  2. Pull the source project from iZotope’s profile on Blend
  3. Make an original track using BreakTweaker and any of the included samples
  4. Publish your update to Blend no later than July 28, 2014

You can use any DAW you like, just make sure to put all the files and a full preview.wav in the project folder. BT & iZotope will review the best submissions and select 2 winners to receive the following prizes: 

  • 1st place: iZotope Creative Bundle (BreakTweaker Expanded, Trash + Expansions, Iris +8, Stutter Edit)
  • 2nd place: BreakTweaker Expanded

What are you waiting for? Pull the exclusive sample pack now and get creative. 

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MOTOFIGHTR Publishes Their New EP “PACIFIC POST HIGHWAY” In Interactive Format On Blend

Alec Feld (formerly of Expensive Looks) and Miles Gabriel are the minds behind MOTOFIGHTR. When the duo met by chance, they quickly learned that Feld’s affinity for blending Chicago House, disco, Motown and psych melded perfectly with the classically trained Gabriel’s aptitude in a variety of musical instrumentations - ranging from jazz to world to glam rock. They recently released their debut EP titled “Pacific Post Highway” and now you can become a part of its story.

Pull any of the projects and remix them now on Blend: 

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X-VERTIGO Announces Remix Contest for New Track “BOMBS” with Billboard Top 100 Artist GIA


X-VERTIGO and Billboard top 100 artist Gia teamed up to bring you their summer hit “BOMBS” released on XVA. With remixes by Sandro Silva, D.O.D. & Andy Callister, it soared in the electro-house and pop charts. Here is your chance to join these amazing artists for a chance to get discovered on the Blend-exclusive remix pack!

X–VERTIGO is looking for creative producers to re-imagine the already chart-topping track into the next big track of the summer! You can pull the project below, pre-loaded in Ableton Live and Logic X sessions, and add your personal touch for a chance to get an official release on X-VERTIGO’s label and exposure through their social channels.


Fedde Le Grand plays his edit of “BOMBS” at Ultra Music Festival – Croatia



Important dates:

  • August 4th: Deadline to submit your remix
  • August 14th: Voting ends (likes + plays)
  • August 21st: Winner Announced

Contest rules (from XVA):

  • Maximum of 3 collaborators per entry
  • Top 10 tracks with the most Plays and Likes combined on Blend will be in the running to win the Grand Prize
  • Grand Prize winner will be hand selected by X-VERTIGO (regardless of Play / Like count)
  • All submissions become property of X-VERTIGO Attack!. You acknowledge and accept to transfer 100% copyright to XVA.

Grand Prize: The best remix will be released as a free download through XVA, and the winner will get to play a guest set on his podcast X-VERTIGO Attack! that will be broadcasted on radio FG USA. Your remix will also get submitted to the XVA promo pool of A-list artists for possible support from some of the biggest names in dance music including, but not limited to Tiesto, Hardwell, Fedde Le Grand, Sidney Samson, Laidback Luke, Dada Life, and Danny Howard, among others!

Check out these two great artists online:


Instagram: @djxvertigo


Instagram: @giaofficial

Also check out X-Vertigo’s “Hasta La Vista” ft. Interlude:

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A New Generation of Wu-Tang MCs Hacking Music Distribution on Blend


As an art form, Hip Hop has always been a champion of open source creative processes. From DJs extending breakbeats from classic funk and soul records, to repurposing pieces of multiple works through digital sampling.

Today the Wu-Tang Clan as always is taking that idea one step further, putting the raw music files of a new song on Blend for anyone to re-imagine as they see fit.

This digital collaboration is part of a new project under the Wu-Tang Umbrella called Wutang Parental Advisory. “Basically we are carrying on the tradition by exposing a new generation of talent with that Wu-Tang swordstyle sharp rawness. We open up by bringing you back to where it all started “Once upon a time in staten island’ and take you on a journey from there around the country and the world in true Audio Visual Hybrid art form” explains Oliver Grant AKA Power, who is co-founder of Wu Tang and executive producer of the classic group and original solo albums. He is also credited with being a driving force in the branding and commercial empire around the music. “It’s about being in touch with what’s going on today not only in music and film but also taking the technology and marrying that to the traditional and fundamental methods we know to keep hip hop and the culture as a whole  moving in forward directions that actually work and compliment the culture without taking away the essence of it. Some things will work, some things won’t either way we have to find what works, make sense out of it and take those chances.Sometimes squares do fit in circles.”

Wu Tang is debuting a sneak peak at one of the first tracks from the Wutang Parental Advisory album on Blend. The new song, titled So Many Detailz, will be presented in 3 formats: ProTools, Ableton Live and Logic. “It’s ours, but we’re giving it to you, you guys take it and throw it back on us and lets see what sticks ,” explains Grant. “The stuff that sticks could possibly be some good shit!”

Along with kickstarting careers for some talented new generation of artists from Staten Island and New Jersey sprinkled with some talent from around the country, and with special guest appearances from a few of the Wu Tang Clan members themselves, Wutang Parental Advisory will also rely on Blend to reach out to a much wider talent pool. “We’re looking to be shocked, whether it’s EDM, or whatever version it is. It may be some guy in Australia whose thing may not be just hip hop sites or maybe not even hip hop sites at all, but he’s going to be on Blend, checking out what else is new from a creative and forward thinkers point of view.”

Wu-Tang’s Grant has a similar mindset when it comes to navigating today’s changing music landscape. “Fools got stuck, the industry got caught up with Napster and iTunes and every other platform fighting against them , while we were all still trying to figure out what to do with an industry model that had changed and switched up almost overnight . It’s like yo, y’all fucked up, you should’ve embraced them and figured it out the first time, Steve Jobs came and stole the game from a music distribution perspective with itunes then the music industry made its way to team up with the youtubes and things like that. The Facebook guys killed what ever else is coming up next and counting the list is endless of things that are out there that can possibly be that next thing. Everything has a place when it makes sense. We’ll see what happens next. Had they embraced it in the first place ‘cause that’s what they eventually did end up doing, after fighting against it, they would have been making dollars from day one artists and companies.” Everybody is Looking forward to “A Better Tomorrow” somewhere.

"So Many Detailz" is produced by Wu-Tang’s Cruise, the premier producer on Wutang Parental Advisory. Turnpike Ike, one of the members of Parental Advisory, also appears on Cappadonna’s track "Vegan" for remixing on Blend courtesy of WUTANG.

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Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Hogan Deconstructs Glenn Kotche’s Anomaly for Ableton Live

Wilco drummer and composer Glenn Kotche has granted musicians, producers and audacious fans unprecedented access to remix his seven-movement piece Anomaly exclusively on Blend. Featured on his latest album entitled “Adventureland” (out now on Cantaloupe Music) Kotche composed Anomaly and recorded it with the famed Kronos Quartet.

To aid in the remixing of this adventurous multi-dimensional piece, Blend has teamed up with Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Hogan from Noisemaker Academy to deconstruct all seven movements of Anomaly into multi-track sessions that Blend producers can download and remix with Live.

Josh is a renowned composer, sound designer, and music producer who has been teaching for the past 13 years, both as a lecturer in sound production and as an instrumental music teacher. Josh quickly became one of Australia’s most recognized young percussionists, and his background in classical and world music naturally led him to obtain a Bachelor of Music in Performance.

He currently lectures high-level sound production at the West Coast Institute of Technology, covering a wide range of subjects in music, sound design, and audio post-production. His meticulous attention to detail can be seen in the accompanying tutorial he filmed to explain his approach to laying out each movement in Live while offering tips on how they can utilize the software’s features to get creative with their remixes.

“We’ve had access to all of the multi-track stems from the album,” says Hogan, “I’ve broken them down into scenes and beat-matched ‘warped’ clips, which fit to Live’s transport, making it really useful for remixing, blending, and mashing up.”

The combination of the Live sessions and the video tutorial give users a powerful set of tools to work with Anamoly. By sharing Hogan’s expert knowledge of Live in the video tutorial, producers, remixers and fans have everything they need to add their own personality Glenn’s astonishing work.

Pull the project now: 

Don’t have an invite code? Get instant access from Cantaloupe Music:

Sadowick Publishes Ableton Sessions For New Album Synced To The Matrix


Known for impeccable productions and killer YouTube tutorials, Sadowick just released a new album titled “The Icarus Project” that is… wait for it… synced to The Matrix!

He is looking for top-quality remixes of the tracks and says “If the remix is good, it gets a release on all major stores.” So what are you waiting for? Check out the projects below and get to work!

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Announcing The Top Tracks From The Antares AVOX 4 x Veela Opportunity

Last month, Antares (makers of the AVOX 4 vocal processing toolkit and the industry-defining AutoTune software) invited Blend producers to make original tracks featuring an exclusive vocal from multi-genre singer Veela. Here’s the top entries: 

1st place: G.Bruno

G.Bruno impresses with a hard-hitting big room house sound. Veela’s vocal sounds right at home with organic and gritty synth sounds, expertly mixed in this banging track. 

2nd place: Case Mundy

Case Mundy combines alt-rock and electronic sounds, recalling the best of female-fronted bands like Evanescence. 

3rd place: Joshua West

Joshua takes a minimal dubstep approach, even running the snare through AVOX plugins, but it’s the vocal chopping effects on the intro that really stand out here. 

All winners will receive premium plugins from Antares. Congrats!

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Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) Shares “You In Your Were” on Blend


Kevin Drew, frontman of Broken Social Scene, recently released his second solo album, Darlings, on the Arts & Crafts label. Darlings is reflective inspiration forward into the brightness of the future with a soundtrack to kick everything into high gear. One of the long time collaborators involved on this record was Feist for “You in Your Were” accompanied by a video starring Zach Galifianakis. NPR’s First Listen described the song as “one long rousing crescendo; its surging rhythm, which recalls Neon Bible-era Arcade Fire, gathers momentum like a plane on the runway.”

Drew now invites you to be a part of “You In Your Were” and create your own version on Blend. 

Also check out the official music video, starring Kevin, Feist and Zach Galifianakis:

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