Remix The Theme Song From TwoDots, The #1 Game On iPhone!

TwoDots, the new puzzle game for iPhone and iPad from the creators of Dots, is already #1 in the USA and over 30 countries. This beautiful & clever game is accompanied by a stellar soundtrack, composed by award-winning music studio Upright T-Rex. Now YOU can remix the theme song in this exclusive opportunity on, for a chance to be featured on the official soundtrack!

You have until June 13 to publish your updates. Blend and TwoDots will then choose the best remix to be included on the official soundtrack album for TwoDots! Make sure you publish your remix as an update to this project so it won’t be missed!

Don’t have a Blend account? Sign up in just a moment with this exclusive invite from TwoDots!

Download TwoDots FREE on iTunes and stay up-to-date with news from the Dots team on TwitterFacebook and their official website

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    hey guys, this is the coolest remix opportunity ever and if you are a music-maker, you should do it.
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